Introducing…Simon Curtis

Simon Curtis and Me at's Superfraiche Pop Night in Brooklyn's Galapagos Art Space on 4/1/11

To start this post, let me throw out some numbers: over one million downloads of his debut album, almost one million plays on, more than 400,000 YouTube views, and about 21,000 followers on Twitter. Up-and-coming pop artist Simon Curtis boasts these numbers without a recording contract. After starring in Nickelodeon’s made-for-TV musical “Spectacular!” and nabbing a guest spot on “Hannah Montana,” he set his sights on pop superstardom. Last March, he independently released the album, “8Bit Heart,” for free through his website, and he’s since been one to watch on the pop music scene. Filled with top-notch production by his sole collaborator, Jeff “Jadion” Wells and infectious choruses, the album rivals those topping the Billboard charts today. This spring, Curtis will release his follow-up, “RΔ” (pronounced Rah), named after his fan base, the Robot Army, on iTunes. Snippets of some of the album’s tracks can be found here.

"8Bit Heart," Cover by Tyler Shields

This month, Curtis performed for his first NYC audience as part of the Superfraiche pop concert series, which is curated by Arjan Timmermans of He started off his set with a new song, “Don’t Dance,” a thumping number that calls for the opposite. For good measure, he even covered of the Britney Spears classic, “…Baby One More Time,” in honor of the recent release of her latest album, “Femme Fatale.” When you’re done viewing these videos of Curtis at Superfraiche below, head over to his official website and indulge in the saccharine pop goodness of “8Bit Heart.”

“Don’t Dance”:

“…Baby One More Time” Cover:

“Chip in Your Head,” “Beat Drop,” & “Diablo”:


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